Friday, September 18, 2020

How do I get mentioned and linked to from other websites?


When i started writing i always wondered what other people had to say on that same or similar topic and so i surfed and googled other blogs from the same niche. Those don't have to be the very best of the best, but blogs and sites with interesting content and preferably with some readers and followers.

In one of those other blog i have read that the author was willing to share content in terms, you link to his articles he will link to yours. It sounded interesting so i googled that. A bunch of articles and advises came up and again it was reading time. There were a lot of similar authors who were willing to exchange links with content, and also there were others that suggested an alternative approach for guest writing and promotion.

The most often mentioned way of being mentioned on other sites was this: post a lot of good comments in other peoples blogs and paste your own link with it. Most good blogs and sites will have a place for pasting your own link predefined so try to find those. That way if you have something nice and smart to say the author will certainly read your pages and return the favor. Of course, he doesn't have to but i think that is a good thing because then you will have a genuine situation and know what people are really interested in.

Common Pitfalls

When i say write comments, i don't mean comments that contain just one line like "Great article", "Great advice", or something similar. I mean in depth comments that will make someone stop and pay attention to you.

What is the best way to start a blog?

I personally don't think there is such a thing as a best way to start anything.

There are better reasons, there are better topics, better tools etc. but there is no best way in general.

So if you WANT to start a blog you should ask yourself few things:
1. Why do you want to start a blog?
2. What do you want to write about?
3. How skilled are you with online editing tools?
4. How much time per day/week/month are you willing to dedicate to blog writing?
5. What do you expect to gain or achieve?

Based upon your answered you can then determine your starting point and your goal. The maybe tricky part would be t determine the path in between, but hey that path is really flexible and can be adjusted along the way.
So if you start on a free platform that doesn't require a lot of editing knowledge and is really user friendly, and decide along the way you want to switch, that is totally ok and doable in short amount of time. If you decide you want to switch topics that is doable too you just have to adapt, or create a new page and see how it goes.

The one thing though you have to be prepared to invest some time in setting all that up. It is not a once in few months work, it is not even once per month. If you want it to really be successful it has to be daily, or at least few times per week. And if you want to take it a bit further, you should definitely analyse the data that you get from your traffic analyzer and put that towards improvement.

Common Pitfalls

Don't get discouraged with all those additional things like promotion, seo, traffic that can make your blog so much more successful. Yes, you should read about all those related topics but it is not something that should prevent you from starting and upgrading bit by bit.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Crypto currency 101

 There is a wide range of crypto these days but the Bitcoin is by far the most often used one. But the idea behind any crypto like it is case with Bitcoin is to eliminate paper money and transfer all monetary transactions online. It is a big new system that is based on block chain technology.

There are several ways to obtain cryptocurrency:

1. Mine it - that means you will put your computer to work and gather information and do some calculations in the background and in return you will be acquiring currency. That is how you become a part of that block chain that fuels the entire project.

2. Faucet claiming - there are many faucets that offer a drop or to of profit for all its users. So behind those sites are computers that are in a block chain, and the owners are letting you benefit a little drop in exchange of you visiting their page that is usually also fueled with adds and promotions. So it's something similar to payed to click system.

3. You can buy crypto from your own local currency and thus transfer your money to a digital sphere. This is maybe the easiest way but there is a catch. Crypto currency is a fluctuating thing, so the value is determined by a stock-market value so your funds can also fluctuate.

4. There are several sites that allow you to earn in crypto, and by far this is the most time consuming way to obtain them because usually you have to do a lot of work before you can actually see some real amounts. 

eWalets are just digital wallets in which you have different compartments, one for every crypto available. When you acquire crypto you can transfer it to your wallet with a special keys and codes and use it further. Wallets have high level of protection and usually require identification on user side in terms of an ID or even sometimes a credit card. For those purposes it is usually better to use an internet safe card so that you have another level of protection.

As for spending well it is same as spending real money. You just select the option for crypto in methods of payment and provide your wallet address. In addition, you can also convert crypto from one to another and try maybe to make profit on the stock exchange, usually every wallet service has a trade part included.